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Author: Padma Patasar

There are tons of E-commerce businesses worldwide. The ability to sell and operate a fully functioning store online has definitely become popular and for certain industries makes most sense as it helps reduce costs such as storefront leases, upkeep of store locations, need of staff members, and so much more. A business can be ran and operated easily from the comfort of your home but in ways it can be seen as missing out on creating an experience for customers as they are no longer entering a store and being assisted in person through their shopping journey.

So how do you as an e-commerce store create an experience for customers? Of course, there are a few different ways this can be done such as an aesthetically pleasing site with quick and easy navigation, awesome products, information on your site which provides value to your customers but how do you go beyond a website interaction to give your customer that special feel of getting a product from your store?

Packaging!!! Packaging is key, in store but even more so for online based stores. Before your customer gets to their purchased product they see and feel the packaging which gives them an experience that the brand is trying to achieve. Based on a study from Dotcom distribution, 40% of consumers are likely to purchase again in future from an online shop with premium packaging. Premium packaging gives an upscale feel and builds anticipation for future deliveries, packaging has now become an extension of your brand and is incredibly important.

As business owners we strive to have valuable and desirable packaging for our products seeing the importance it holds however, this can lead to an abundance of different packaging material to create this experience. Many times, packaging includes plastic which tends to be affordable and quite versatile, but packaging made of plastic is usually deemed as single use plastics. Based on an article from Forbes, “we are drowning in a sea of packaging waste, and too much of it is ending up in the ocean”. A study done by Break Foundation claims that by 2025 there will be 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish in the ocean. This is alarming but if we keep it up, it is predicted that by 2050 we will have more plastic waste than fish per United Nations. There is also the use of cardboard which may not be a part of your actual packaging but just used for transportation purposes. About 165 billion packages are shipped into the US every year and uses cardboard which equates to more than 1 billion trees.


These figures are all alarming and thankfully these concerns are being brought up more and more as it is seriously an issue that we all contribute to and need to find better ways! As a small business, we at Lyme-Shop try our best to do our part by still creating an exciting packaging experience yet sustainable with products that stand for reuse such as our recycled mailers that can be used after receiving your package from us or our cotton bags. We have tried our absolute best to stay clear of any single use plastics and avoid use of cardboard! As any other company or individual, there will always be space to improve but sourcing materials that are compostable, made of recycled content, or provide reuse can help aide in this ongoing battle of extreme waste. 

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Written by - Padma Patasar



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