We are aiming to be an Eco-Friendly Swimwear company, where you can expect a more sustainable outlook every step of the way. From the manufacturing process, to the products and the packaging material, we strive towards the use of more eco-friendly solutions.

Some of the steps taken to accomplish the environment forward fabric include:
• European Flax Certification to ensure non-pollution of soil from the planation
• Standard 100 Certification by OEKO-TEX to assure fabrics are free of toxins, and
• The incorporation of Biodegradable Amni Soul Eco (from Solvay Rhodia) nylon 6.6 fabric which breaks down quicker, easier, and more effectively in landfill conditions and anaerobic digestion waste management methods

Throughout the manufacturing process, water is recycled to optimize resources and to reduce the environmental footprint. Being OEKO-TEX certified, the fabric manufacturer’s process also ensures the absence of products that are harmful to skin.

More on CO2control Fabric
  • 80 UV Protection 
  • First knitwear to be made with 6.6 Biodegradable Nylon
  • Fabric is friendly to the body and environment 
  • Made with traceable raw materials 
  • Anti Permeant Odor Technology - Providing odor control to reduce washing cycles leading to less water and energy consumption

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Now you know more about our fabric, let us quickly share more on the steps we are taking to provide greener packaging.

• Hygiene Stickers – Made with 100% compostable material, Bio-based, Non-GMO
• 100% Cotton Bags
• Mailers – Made from 100% Recycled Content, 50% Post-Consumer Waste, dual adhesive strip for reuse purposes
• Recycled paper hang tags – 3 out of 4, we still have improvement to make!
• Magnetic pins, made from Post Industrial Content (scrap material)
While the fabric used to make our swimwear features all the amazing information above, we wanted to go one step further to be sure our pieces really worked for you and promotes reuse! We have made each piece reversible providing more versatility which allows you to get more use out of one piece! We are extremely excited and hope you will join our effort towards a more sustainable future!