Dear Valued Viewers and Customers,

Firstly, we would love to thank you for stopping by whether it is to check out what we have or to actually complete a purchase! We know life is busy and want to simply thank you as we value your time! Below we wanted to share a bit more about us

Behind this business we are hardworking individuals with families filled with love and quirkiness! When I began this business, I was simply discussing creative business names with my partner and he suggested the word "Lime" as you guys can see I took it and ran with a twist L"y"me :), here is why!

 Why Lyme?

Our families originate from the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad and Tobago as well as Guyana. Throughout the Caribbean there are tons of slang used, one being the word “Lyme” (Correctly "Lime"). This simply refers to hanging out, meeting up or just chilling. The colour lime represents nature, confidence, high energy and promotes the feeling of liveliness and creativity which is true to what we want our brand to showcase to the world.

Our parents and siblings play an extremely important part in our lives and we really wanted to route the business back to our family by putting a piece of home into this. The wording you find throughout our business such as our colour names, style and collection names all link back to our Caribbean background. We want you to feel comfortable and stylish in our swimsuits when you are ready to Lyme!

We made it Reversible!

Yep, that is right! At Lyme-Shop we are working towards using Eco-Friendly products such as the CO2control fabric as well as 100% recycled packaging, but we wanted to think beyond that. We want your swimwear to work for YOU! With each of our pieces being reversible you are guaranteed to get 2 looks but not limited to that as our pieces are versatile and interchangeable. We want you to reuse and now you can do so confidently!


Where is your swimwear manufactured?

Our fabric and manufacturing is done in Brazil – We are proud to have a great team of strong women who make the beautiful pieces that you find on our website. Look below to see some behind the scenes shoots of the amazing women behind your swimwear!