What the heck is a Lyme?!

The company’s creators are Caribbean-Canadians, originating from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. Similarly to Canada, across the Caribbean, there are many popular slang terms used by locals - one of which is “lime.” This term refers to hanging out, meeting up, or just chilling. As well, the colour lime represents nature, confidence, high energy, liveliness and creativity. When discussing potential names for the business, they chose this term for its meaning and how it connects with their vision for their fun, bold, and innovative pieces. In the end the owners wanted to give the name an extra little twist, swapping the i for a y, creating Lyme. 

When it comes down to it, family and culture form the inspiration for Lyme - from the collection names to the designs - every part of this business links back to their Caribbean heritage. With their comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly swimwear, you’ll be able to sit back and Lyme without a worry in sight! 

What makes Lyme special? 

One word: reversible. At Lyme Shop, all swimsuits are reversible! 

The company works with eco-friendly products such as CO2control fabrics and 100% recycled packaging, but they wanted to think beyond that. They wanted to make sure your swimwear works for you! With each piece being reversible, customers are purchasing a fabulous 2-in-1 product. 

To learn more about Lyme’s fabrics and commitment to sustainability, see here

Why don’t we sell sets? 

While purchasing a set can be easy for some body types, others require different sizes for their tops and bottoms. To accommodate this, Lyme sells all of their pieces individually! By doing this, they make it easier for customers to find swimwear that fits well and makes them feel good, allowing them to mix and match sizes and styles. 

Don’t worry, you will never find a “one size fits all” option here! 

Where is our swimwear manufactured? 

All of Lyme’s fabric and manufacturing is carried out in Brazil. Lyme has a committed team of strong, hardworking women who make the beautiful pieces found on this website. 

Inclusivity & Diversity

At Lyme, our commitment to sustainability starts with our representation. Our team is serious about promoting inclusivity and diversity in our models, the sizes we carry, and the cultural identities we showcase.